My Gear

This is the gear I own - the stuff I use and really like.  I'm not putting any links to the gear I own and don't like, for example, my Sunpak 9002DX tripod.

I've got a link to my Nikon D60 here but remember, it's an older Nikon camera and it's pretty pricey to buy new -- you can pick up a used one in the $200+ range.  Your best bet is the current, comparable model, the D3100, and I've included a link to that one too.  Both of the models I link here include the standard 18-55mm lens.

I have also included that wide angle lens I've been drooling over.... it would help me get even better landscape photos out here in Oz!

You'll notice I have a Canon close-up lens below and you might wonder why, since I have a Nikon camera.  This is because I cheaped out on a proper Nikon macro lens, and this particular close-up lens had good reviews by multiple people and blogs.  It's a good substitute for a more pricey macro lens if you can't afford one right now.

A note regarding batteries:  You want a 2nd battery.  Trust me.  While one is dead and charging, you've got the second battery in your camera and ready to go.  That said, I have one authentic Nikon camera battery and one not-namebrand battery.  They both work the same and one is less than half the price of the other.

A given - you're going to need a few memory (SD or SDHC) cards. There's lots of brands and sizes out there.  Get several.  I'm not linking them here as I honestly don't think there's any "best" card to buy.  If you go for the SDHC or SDXC (secure digital high or extended capacity) cards, remember you'll need a reader that accommodates them.  A simple SD reader will not read SDHC or SDXC cards.  Here's a link that explains the differences between these memory card standards.

One more note here:  If your camera doesn't come with a battery charger, and you purchase one through my links below, be advised that the power cord DOES come with the charger, even though it's not pictured.

The Good Stuff

If you decide to purchase the newer, Nikon D3100  model....

Disclaimer:  If you click through to Amazon and order any of these products via my blog, I will make a very small commission. Those commissions will go into my photography slush fund and hopefully help pay for the wide angle lens that's been on my wish list the last 2 years. :-) 

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