Friday, April 23, 2010

Paint Horse Published in Grit Magazine!

Featured Comment: "I want to live far enough out in the boondocks that when we hear the sound of a car, we'll know that somebody is coming to see us."  ~comment left by Paul Myers on one of my Grit online blog posts

I just love this autumn photo of paint horse in the pasture.  I guess the great folks at Grit magazine -- which includes Jenn Nemec, web editor, and Caleb Regan,  associate editor -- liked it too, since they used it in their May/June issue.  When I received my complimentary issues of the magazine, I was thrilled to see the comment they selected to go along with my photo... Mr. Paul Myers, you couldn't have summed up country living any better!!

The above photo of paint horse was also published in the same issue of Grit, on the "Your View" page.  So now paint horse is almost as famous as Ringo.  :-)

Side note:  My good friend Sara of Red Pine Mountain was also featured on this same page in Grit.  That's HER blog below my photo, in the Reader Blogs box.  Many congrats to Sara!!  If you have a minute, do visit her blog.  Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed -- she lives in a most beautiful northeast kingdom called Vermont.