Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Rare Vacation Day

The hubster and I rarely have a day off work... together.  He decided to take a week's vacation at the end of October, and I requested a few days off work, so on October 25th, we drove down to Oklahoma City to take in some team roping finals action.

I didn't take too many photos, but instead decided to just enjoy the day!

behind the scenes

top-of-the-line horse trailer displays

hmmm, can we dream for a few minutes??

disagreeable photo subject

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Lightning Strike

Do you know how many shots I've snapped with my Nikon camera on a stormy day, trying to to get a lightning capture?  I've been known to snap off 300-400 shots and all I captured was flash lightning in the clouds.

So I'm at work several weeks ago when a bad storm came through our area... all I had was my cell phone and lo and behold, I managed to capture a lightning strike.

So it's blurry and grainy.

What do you expect from a cell phone camera?!  ;-}

Note:  The little building has extra gates and such for our K-Tag lanes and that other little structure which is cut off in the photo?  That's our tornado shelter.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Late Autumn Kansas Sunrise

to the north, a lavender glow

to the southeast... the sun struggles to rise

to the south, orange and lavender collide

My early morning sleep was interrupted on October 25 by three very noisy dogs clamoring to go outside... but when I saw our sunrise, I wasn't upset about my sleep being interrupted!

Instead I rushed to grab my camera, running outside with my jammies still on... and left the dogs staring at me through the screen door while I snapped off as many pics as I could before this glorious display disappeared.

Luckily for the dogs, it only lasted a few more minutes!

(All photos are SOOC, straight out of the camera, no Photoshop needed!)