Sunday, June 7, 2009

Color Carnival Photo Meme

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These are three separate paintings I own by Susan Rene; you are only seeing a partial of each painting here. I took a photo of each with my Nikon D60 and then created a collage of the three using Picnik.

If you like dogs (I do!) and you love bright, vibrant colors (I do!), then you'll love her paintings. Check out the Naked Horse gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, for more of her paintings.


  1. Cool! I love them! Actually I had 12 comments but only 4 or 5 actual entries so far. You did make it in time BUT I don't think I can add a collage to a collage. Could you send me just one of the single photos to use for the featured photos?

  2. Great picture, I love dogs and art, so this is a big time Winner!! Thanks for stopping by my blog also.

  3. What happy photos of paintings! Woof!

  4. Those look so they are fun paintings to have on the walls!

  5. Hi Oz Girl,

    Love the dog paintings how very funny and bright and cheerful.


  6. Great photo!!
    How do you like your Nikon D60? I got mine last year for my bday and am having real fun with it.

  7. Lovely lovely paintings Susan! Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. Your collage is great, I bet you do enjoy those paintings! I wasn't following you here for some reason..I am must have been a brain fart:)

  9. Such happy, colourful paintings! They're lovely :)

  10. thanks for sharing these great photos from your art collection...

    happy, joyful colours.


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