Monday, January 24, 2011

A Crisp Kansas Sunrise

So I set the alarm yesterday morning ... I wanted to take an early morning drive, explore new dirt roads and get some awesome new photography shots.  The weather was most uncooperative ~ it was 17 degrees with 20 mph winds and NO sunrise, just gray, cloudy skies!  Even all bundled up and with mittens, my fingers turned to frost-cicles real fast.

Here is our gorgeous sunrise today.  I ran outside in my jammies before it was gone.  We had a beautiful sunrise Saturday morning also.  I worked Saturday, and of course, I have to go to work today.

I guess the sunrise doesn't plan to be perfect when you have a day off work, does it?


  1. Oh no, I'm pretty sure it's all planned on when we work. I wanted to get a good photo of the large moon in the western sky I saw during my commute on Thursday and Friday morning. It would still be almost full Saturday morning and I was hoping to get a nice shot, except that it was cloudier than cotton balls outside!


  2. your right, the sunrise doesn't plan to be perfect when you have a day off work!

    But it was worth to take a picture of it, this time!! Rally beautiful

  3. You have to catch a lovely sunrise as it comes, and this is certainly a beautiful one.

  4. Some of my best sunrises were working days. This is gorgeous.

  5. beautiful...glad you caught it...sorry it didn't work out so well on your days off...

  6. That happens to me all the time - then I look out the window at work and am bummed at the beauty I see!
    This shot is gorgeous!


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