Friday, June 24, 2011

In the Chicken Coop

From left to right:
Plymouth Barred Rock rooster and pullet, Ameraucana pullet,
Buff Orpington pullet and Rhode Island Red rooster

My, they grow up so fast!  Only 13 weeks old.

My beautiful Ameraucana, Midge.


  1. I'm not a chicken fan, but I have to admit that these are pretty good looking!

  2. It's easy to forget how pretty chickens can be. These are beauties!

  3. I think chickens are beautiful! I don't have any, but sure would like some. :) I worry about coyotes getting them!

  4. I missed this somehow! Your chickens are gorgeous! How are they doing now? -Tammy

  5. They're sooo cute. I love the sound they make when they're content!

  6. I love them, they are so colorful and you got a great photo of them. I do not visit often enough. I will have to visit your Blog more often.

  7. Finger lickin chicken pickin! Nice photo indeed! Hope you're taking enough care of them. :) I too own several chickens and enjoy their company quite a lot, when I have the time.

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