Sunday, August 28, 2011

Country Deer

Our resident family of deer either need to come closer to me, or I need to take the splurge and buy a better zoom lens, say 400mm??!!    :-)

I crept up on them today, and got closer than I have yet.  But of course some farmer decided to come down the road and make a bunch of gravelly noise and so our deer family took off running!


  1. Id like to thank you for reading and taking the time out to stop by Amish Stories. I now have added Google reader to my blog so i hope this helps some folks get to me a little easier. Please stop by for a new post from Jean as well today as foster child Michael has come back to Jeans family!.Jean is old order Mennonite from New York state and she has taken-in an outsider to her loving family. . Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. sometimes we also see deers in our neighbourhood

  3. Pretty scene with the pink sky and the deer frolicking in the field.

  4. Great deer pics! I am doing a devotional post on Family Fountain about Psalm 42 in a few days. Mind if I use these pics and credit the photos back here?

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I love all your comments, thank you!