Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Return To Skywatch Friday

Storm Cloud over Pond
Week of January 6, 2013
Nikon D60 with Topaz Simplify post processing

I was a lucky girl and got the entire Topaz Labs software suite for half price on Cyber Monday in November.

So far I've used Adjust, Simplify and B&W Effects, and I love all three of them.  I can't wait to try the other software programs that came in my package deal!

Here's the original photo, before post processing in Simplify.  Pretty dramatic straight out of the camera, I think.  But I rather like the mean edge that Simplify gave this photo.

Original photo, unretouched
Which version do you like better?  The original, #2, or the processed version at top, #1?  I think they both have merits, it's just a matter of personal preference.

I haven't joined the Skywatch community for a few years.  It's fun to be back.

If you've never heard of Skywatch, head on over and check out all the beautiful skies that other bloggers have submitted this week.


  1. Beautiful processing... really dramatic skies! I use Topaz from time to time, and really enjoy it.

  2. Oh, love the drama! Both are gorgeous.

  3. wow! these are terrific photos!
    storm's coming!

  4. You made an interesting cloud front gorgeous. Great work in your digital dark room. Like it and if you hadn't mentioned it I could not have seen it.

  5. I enjoyed both; the first one really accents the type of weather out in the middle of the Flint Hills, which few people really experience. Great eye on both of those images.


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