Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yellow Wildflower ~ Native to Kansas?

Unknown wildflower ~ August 2009

I have always liked this particular photo, however, I'm unsure exactly WHAT this flower is!  It was almost hidden by some fallen tree branches, under a tree.  Kansas is known for its abundance of wild sunflowers, but I don't think this is a sunflower variety.

As a side note, since we live only 1 mile from Oklahoma, I suppose it could be native to Oklahoma, right?  :-)

Does anyone know what this flower might be?!

Thanks to my friend, Misty, for introducing me to Today's Flowers.  If you're interested in joining this lovely flower photo meme, click the link and take a look at all the beautiful flowers submitted by other photo bloggers this week.

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  1. It does looks like the Aster but they are usually purple, never seen one this colour. Whatever it is, it sure is beautiful.


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