Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is How Ringo Rolls... Really.

This is how he likes to sleep. I kid you not. At first I just thought he mis-gauged the distance whenever he would lie down. But he does this all the time, so I guess his idea of a pillow is way different than mine!


  1. Dogs are so funny! That kind of position would give me a kink in the neck!!

  2. Ringo, you're too funny! I'd have a kink in my neck too, Michelle!

  3. who needs a pillow when you have a door frame anyways!!!
    Great photo's!!

  4. Ok, are you serious Susan? This is awesome, I've never seen a dog sleeping like so cute, I can't believe it. Give him a kiss from me :-)

  5. Dear Susan!

    I tried to leave a message for you on your other blog but some strange reason I couldn't.
    That picture is gorgeous with the horses and you are a very talented photographer. I can't wait to check out your photography store.

    Thanks so much for your always sweet and delightful comments and for the lovely B-day message.

    I have to disagree with you in one thing: YOU ARE THE SWEETEST, not me :-)

    Hope you have a lovely day, much love: Evi

  6. What a cute dog! Great shot!

  7. Charming pictures! It is unbelievable that he is not complety stiff other such a position!

  8. Funny! Ringo is quite the inventive pooch!


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