Saturday, July 18, 2009

Revenge of the Bird

I've done my research, and I have no clue what kind of bird this is, aside from the fact it is an angry bird. Anyone know what variety of feathered friend we have here?

It has been stalking our cat, Barack, for a few weeks now. Barack must have done something really naughty to get on this guy's (or gal's) bad side. This bird sits in trees and power lines around our house, just waiting to take a pot shot at Barack; he doesn't bother our other cat, Fluff. Sometimes Barack jumps in the air trying to swipe at the bird. But usually he just hunkers down, hoping this winged terror won't get him! This was the only photo I caught of the bird flying towards him. Enlarge the photo, and you can see the bird, left top.

Update: Thanks to Christina of Christina Photo for identifying our attacking bird - a mockingbird! Very interesting reading about this bird at the Wikipedia site.


  1. Sorry, don´t know what kind of bird it is... I´m not good in such things.

    Funny story about Barack and is little flying "friend"

  2. Good thing Barack knows when to cover his head :)

  3. It's a Mockingbird.
    Poor Barack!

  4. I read that Wikipedia article. Pretty interesting.

  5. Mockingbirds/Catbirds are notorious for attacking cats. Go to YouTube and put in "bird attacks cat" and you'll find quite few. Blue Jays are know to attack cats, too.

  6. Yes - mocking bird it is. Maybe you need a bird scarer

  7. Poor Barack, he must be somewhat brave! I knew Owls and hawks and lord knows what else fly at Cats ..but I never thought of a Mocking Bird.. interesting:)

  8. I have a video on YouTube that shows a mockingbird continually attacking our rottweiler from when we lived in Arizona.... during the spring months they would get aggressive and swoop down at anything they believed to be in their territory. Funny birds.

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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