Tuesday, October 19, 2010

September Storms in Kansas

We had some stormy days in September, but this one on September 15 was spectacular.
Above, the front as it heads to the east.

The stormy sunset to the west.

Storm clouds after sunset to our east.
I set the exposure really low to get this shot, hence the purple glow.


  1. Gorgeous photos...love the dramatic clouds and colors. And I am a sucker for a good storm! :)

  2. Wow, you do have beautiful skies. I love the purple color in the last one.
    Much of the beauty of the plains is in the vast expanse of sky above, and you show it off so well. A storm becomes a dramatic event!

  3. Beautiful shots (and skies)!
    Strangely, we just finished a thunderstorm that went on for about an hour. I live on the coast in southern california, so it is VERY rare!
    I loved it...

  4. breath taking! Stunning shots! it must be fantastic to sea this in real!

  5. Gorgeous...that says it all! AND...what a talented photographer you are...superb!

  6. Oh these are fabulous! What I would give to see dramatic skies like these! Our blue skies are soooo boring here in Nor Cal!

  7. Stunning colors. Beautiful post.

  8. Amazing! Like being on another planet :) Mind you, I often am

  9. This is when your 'Oz' title becomes alarming.



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