Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Late Autumn Kansas Sunrise

to the north, a lavender glow

to the southeast... the sun struggles to rise

to the south, orange and lavender collide

My early morning sleep was interrupted on October 25 by three very noisy dogs clamoring to go outside... but when I saw our sunrise, I wasn't upset about my sleep being interrupted!

Instead I rushed to grab my camera, running outside with my jammies still on... and left the dogs staring at me through the screen door while I snapped off as many pics as I could before this glorious display disappeared.

Luckily for the dogs, it only lasted a few more minutes!

(All photos are SOOC, straight out of the camera, no Photoshop needed!)


  1. Wow - what a thing to wake up to!

  2. Those are just BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I gotta start getting up a bit earlier...

  3. what a beautiful day start!
    Breath-taking colours

  4. I found you via Marth's link list at Menagerie. You have some awesome photos here. I'll look forward to seeing more.


  5. Gorgeous! You were right about us sharing beautiful sunrises and sunsets :-)

  6. Wow, this is an amazing display. The color is gorgeous. I love your open land and huge skies.

  7. Beautiful ..worth getting up for. I also loved your clouds in the previous post awesome:)

  8. Beautiful shots of the sunrise. I'm guessing that nothing beats a Kansas sunrise! :)

    Oh ... thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on "Giblets Roasting on an Open Fire." Glad it tickled your funnybone! :)

  9. and best of all ..... you shared them with us :)

  10. Our sunrises have not been overly fabulous lately, but our sunsets this month have been killer!

    Great photos!


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