Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Rare Vacation Day

The hubster and I rarely have a day off work... together.  He decided to take a week's vacation at the end of October, and I requested a few days off work, so on October 25th, we drove down to Oklahoma City to take in some team roping finals action.

I didn't take too many photos, but instead decided to just enjoy the day!

behind the scenes

top-of-the-line horse trailer displays

hmmm, can we dream for a few minutes??

disagreeable photo subject


  1. men are fun aren't they....LOL

  2. hubby probably wants one of those on the back of his truck... LOL

  3. lol - grumpy cowboys - who'd have 'em

  4. interesting and cool shot! Glad you could enjoy a rare day off
    Have a nice christmas time!

  5. The team roping must've been fun to watch. Maybe hubs wants that Exxis trailer for Christmas... Hope Sants is cooperative.


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