Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day One

Ah yes, it's me again, the late bloomer. I just discovered this concept, a photo a day, via other blogs, and instead of waiting until 2010 to start anew, I decided to just jump in and start TODAY. This will give me a reason to work on improving my photography skills every day, not just when I feel like it.

These would be our outside cats; they do a magnificent job of keeping our "ranch" free of rats and mice and a few innocent birds who get caught in the fray. Honestly, I tried to get a better shot of them, but after 46 tries and the sun rapidly setting, this was the best of the lot!! Now I know what they mean about "herding cats...."

Boogie, Barack and Fluff

Yes, I know. Barack the cat. I did not name him, my husband did. Aren't names like that always the husband's doing??! I think he really cracked himself up when he named him Barack. :-)

Barack is the youngest of the lot, still a kitten really. He is our most prolific rat/mice catcher yet. Fluff is his mummy, and Boogie is Fluff's mummy. They are all fixed now, so thankfully, no more kittens!


  1. Great shot and I love the name, LOL! You can tell your husband he cracked me up too - too cute :-)

  2. Cutie cats!!! Welcome to the Photo a Day world!! Good luck and I look forward to seeing your pics.

  3. Cute cats! Welcome to sharing a photo a day!


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