Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Eight

The view at the back door (last summer)
Rolling pasture land with hay bales
and of course, dog snot on the window

Due to my newest project, I wasn't able to snap any new pics today. I'm finally getting started on painting the kitchen cabinets, yay! I sanded the framework on the bottom cabinets today, got it primed, and one coat of paint applied. Tomorrow I will get a 2nd coat of paint on the framework, and get started on all the drawer fronts and cabinet doors. I hope to start on the upper cabinets next week. Big project, but I think it will look really nice when I finish. :)


  1. I've done the painting in the kitchen as well. It's amazing how a new coat of paint can make everything look so much better!

    I've got the dog snot on the door windows as well. Plus fingerprints and cat nose prints. It never ends.

  2. Don't you just love can take pictures as you do them too!!!
    We call the dog snot on our sliding glass door "snot art"
    Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Great photo, and such a nice day to have the door open! Good luck with your kitchen painting, etc!

  4. This is a really nice shot. Makes you feel you are sitting at the kitchen table looking out and contemplating the day ahead and all the wonderful possibilities.
    I loved it!


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