Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day Ten

Karen Everhart of Rainbow Meadows with our paint horse

Today we drove to Sedan, KS, about 1.25 hours east of us so paint horse could get his monthly "natural" or mustang horse hoof trim. This post here will tell the story of how paint horse injured his hoof last summer.

In early January, after I sent emails to 3 different Kansas horse sanctuaries, Karen Everhart of Rainbow Meadows agreed to help us with paint horse and his injured hoof. This was our 2nd visit to Rainbow Meadows. We will be making the Sedan drive every month now, for at least the next 4-6 months, as his injured hoof grows out. It takes a year for a hoof to grow all the way out, and he injured his foot last July, sooooo we've got a ways to go! At this point, he is doing MUCH better, has a very imperceptible limp sometimes, but not very often. The prognosis is that he may end up just fine, but his hoof may not be the most beautiful hoof you've ever seen on a horse.


  1. What a beatiful horse!! I hope his hoof heals nicely!!
    Take care and thanks for the comments!!

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