Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stills: Architecture

Since a town is 30 minutes away from me in any direction, this is the best I could do for architecture. Quite honestly, there is nothing fascinating in any of the local towns. I can remember some fascinating architecture in towns further away from me, but we rarely go that far. I did try to play up the sky today with a neutral density filter, as it was exceptionally bright and blue.

Ok, here is a postscript: while looking at other Sunday Stills posts, it reminded me of some past photos I have taken that would also qualify, and are rather interesting.

Historic El Morro fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Church in Danville, Kansas
It sat next to a wheat field and there were railroad tracks behind it


  1. It is functional architecture and has a story to tell.

  2. I love old barns and wonder about their stories.

  3. Beautiful photos! Really enjoyed the "fort" photo.

  4. You have some very good photos! Even if you didn't put in the others I really like the first one best!

  5. Wonderful photos....I really like the first one....very compelling. :)

  6. I like the old building! It is perfect for the challenge! Glad I found your photo blog, I will add it as a favorite over on mine:)


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