Monday, April 6, 2009

Day Fifty Four

My favorite outhouse.... um, actually, the only one I'm aware of around these parts.

My mom arrived yesterday, on her way back to Ohio from Arizona.... so I apologize for being a bit absent in the bloggy world. She is staying here through Saturday, and we are painting and accomplishing all kinds of projects around my house.

I'm struggling just to stay on top of my photo a day right now..... but I will be back here full-time by the weekend, and I will get caught up on all my friends' blogs!!



  1. It's beautiful. The black and white has a lovely simplicity.

  2. Have a good time with your mum! Can´t wait to see your paintings...

    It´s another great shot!! I love still the wide landscape and the black/white

  3. great photo, I found photos of out houses that were painted by Texas artists they were so cool, one had horses, one was a under the sea, one was a farm with goats and chickens, but this black in white has to be my favorite

  4. this one is lovely. i like the overall feel of black and white on the outhouse.

    thanks for dropping by my blog! re moon shot, i don't really use tripods. just a fast shutter speed! :D

  5. Great photo.
    Hope you have a good visit with your Mom.
    Take care

  6. We used our old outhouse for a garden shed. Ours was a two-seater, perfect for organizing rakes, hoes, etc.

    Yes, we moved it first ... haha

  7. I love the contrast of this black and white photo. Beautiful.

  8. Nice shot! There is something cool about outhouses! Have a great time with your Mom.

  9. I love the B&W processing. Very nice.

  10. Was it still functional? Or is it just for looks?? When I was growing up..that is all we had! :)

  11. Unusual for an outhouse to be so close to tree. The roots might interfere with the outhouse workings.

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  12. Gosh I love this photo Susan! Have a good time with your Mom. Don't worry about us. LOL

  13. Great photo! Great subject too.

    Enjoy you're mom's visit. It sounds like you are truly blessed....

    Just take lots of pics to post after her visit with you!

  14. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog & for such a nice comment - I appreciate you!

    I really like your black & white pic & the sepia too. You should join Sepia Scenes on Wed's - yours would be a nice addition.
    Thanks for the add & I've added both your pages too.


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