Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day Sixty Six

We had some pretty heavy thunderstorms pass by tonight.... 385 pictures later, here's the few I've chosen to post. Just checked the rain gauge, and we got 2" of rain in 1 hour.

Sorry, the horizon line is slightly crooked, these were hand-held and it was quite windy too!

First photo (top, above) is right before the flash lightning,
the next photo (bottom, above) shows the flash lightning to the left.

It's getting darker (after 8:00 p.m.), the clouds are getting
more ominous, and there's some more flash lightning,
lower right in this photo (above).

There was another lightning flash that lit up the landscape,
but the lightning itself is not visible in this photo.


  1. so heavy the thunderstorm was ... for you... so wonderful are the shots of it!!

    Great natural spectacle!

  2. They are great shots. When I take a heap of shots to get one or two good ones, I can never work out which I think is the one I want!

  3. I like the crooked horizon - makes me want to sit down - wait, I am stting down.

  4. I guess you know I like tilted photos.

    Nice skies. We need to do a sky assignment one week.

    Great pics. I like the all.

    Have a good Sunday!

  5. I'm enjoying the weekend thunderstorms! Great photos from your part of the world!

  6. Awesome shots! You deserve a cup of hot chocolate for braving the weather to get the shots.

  7. This is really dramatic! I really like the shots, it's so difficult to capture the lightning and so easy to be left with a few hundred photos to discard :)

  8. Very cool shots! And 385 in total!?! You were mighty brave to stay out in the lightening for that long!!

  9. Really good pics - you got some grandpa in you! Such patience!

  10. Great pictures. Those flashes of light are impressive.

  11. Incredible shots of the storms rolling in. Nice job.

  12. I keep on saying the same thing, I realise that, but I do continure to be awestruck by the size and fearfulness of your landscape.


  13. Stormy lookin there, Ed has some tips up about capturing lightening.. I have never tried it..but with this new camera I might give it a shot..but we have had no storms or even rain drops..getting real dry here:(


I love all your comments, thank you!