Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Sixty One

Another of my images from the town of Greensburg, Kansas. Since a few of you mentioned that the previous image was sad, I wanted to show the hope that exists in this town. The grain towers in the background were one of the few structures left standing, and they were featured prominently in many of the media images.

Greensburg is a few hours west of us, and since I remember when this tornado hit in '07, I had been wanting to drive to Greensburg to see how it looks almost 2 years later. I finally drove there a few months ago, and I did a blog post on my City Gal Moves to Oz Land blog; click here to read that post and see the photos.

This tornado struck around 9:30 p.m., so there are few photos of the actual tornado. There are plenty of websites, however, that show the destruction and damage the next day, and even the next week. Here's a few:

Greensburg: Damage After the Tornado
Greensburg: Aerial Views After the Tornado
Greensburg: A Few Actual Tornado Photos

They are rebuilding the town now, and they are rebuilding it better, as much of it will be "green". Click here to find out more about the "new" Greensburg.

When I see how total the destruction, even to the houses with basements, I realize that should a tornado hit our house, we probably will NOT survive. We have no basement. There is a central closet I would beat a fast track to, with my dogs in tow. That is, AFTER I get some photos of the approaching tornado! (Would you expect anything less from a photographer??) But if the house sustains a direct hit from an F3 or higher tornado, my/our chances of surviving would be slim to none. Soooooo, let's just pray a tornado never makes a direct hit on our lil house!


  1. The very thought is frightening. I hope it doesn't hit yours.

  2. Girl, you better start digging you a storm pit! Even if you have to do it with your bare hands!! lol

    Storms are definately nothing to play with. Hopefully you won't ever have to worry about one!!

    And the pond did have frogs. In fact at another spot where i was crossing one of those 2x4's, I was nearly a goner cause one of those suckers scared the living daylight out of me!

  3. it seems to be so dramatic - hope nothing happend to you...

  4. Sounds like underground bomb(storm) shelter time. If you are trying to provoke a reaction :-), you got one out of me. ~Mary

  5. The dream star is certainly a hopeful sign.
    Maybe you should consider a storm cellar...

  6. That dream star.....that is hope!

  7. I love all your Greensburg pics... when I see it day in and day out I forget how it must look to new eyes...


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