Friday, March 6, 2009

Day Twenty Three

So since it got up to the low 80s yesterday, I managed to snag a bit of time to sit outside in my camp chair and I even made a margie!! Sublime. The warmth of the sun felt so good on my skin! Since I am going to Arizona next week to visit my mother, I wanted to try to get a little color. Today will be another great day, but less wind, so even better! Again, the infamous chicken coop turned cathouse sits in front me.


  1. Another beautiful day here too!

  2. Hi Susan~
    Great picture!!
    How is your mother doing?
    Hugs, Jackie

  3. We have 80 degree temps here's windy though. I'd love to be sipping a margie right now. I'll be there shortly! ;)

  4. Nice picture! I love Life is Good stuff and own several items. I even sent them an idea to use on t-shirts - The Life Is Good guy (I think his name is Jake) with a camera hanging around his neck! Don't know that they'll use it but they made me sign over my rights to that idea....guess there's no chance of me making a buck or two on it.

    Enjoy your visit with your mom. Don't get too much sun!


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