Thursday, March 19, 2009

X is for Xanthippe and Trixie!

Check out Martha's blog "Menagerie" and play her A-Z Photo Challenge!

Socrates' wife, Xanthippe, emptying a chamber pot over his head

Plato's portrayal of Xanthippe (in his Phaedo) suggests that she was nothing less than a devoted wife and mother, however, it seems that Xenophon's portrayal of her in his Symposium has been the most influential, for the term "Xanthippe" has now come to mean any nagging scolding person, especially a shrewish wife.
~Source, Wikipedia

What? A shrewish wife can be called a xanthippe? I couldn't resist including this in my X photo challenge as I found it rather amusing.

Finally, I just have to include a photo of my TriXie Lou... I mean, she does have the letter "x" in her name! :-) Sleeping on our bed, one of her favorite places to be....


  1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that allows my dog to sleep on the bed. :)

  2. Poor Socrates! No wonder he said, "How many things I can do without!"
    Thanks for giving me a laugh today :)

  3. Can you imagine being married to Socrates? Talk about a husband who sits around on his arse all day pontificating. She was probably pouring that chamber pot on his head so he'd get off his lazy butt and bring home some bacon! LOL

  4. LOL..Chamber pot on the old weapon! I knew you would have a Trixie photo! Of course she should sleep on the bed! :)

  5. Great X entry! What kind of dog is Trixie Lou? I just got a new puppy yesterday :-)

  6. Great X shots and Trixie is so cute

  7. Trixie Lou... what a great name... :)
    Have a great weekend!


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